Being influenced by Ps. The first of these consists of quires I and II leaves 5 through The hand of the index has not been included, because this index was added to the codex at a later date. Sur une période de plus d’une décennie, l’auteur développa ce noyau en compilant d’autres textes, surtout des compilations, dont trois sont identifiables: Yet, because the Song of Songs sometimes also presents the sodales and adolescentulae as speaking, besides the sponsus and sponsa, the exegesis may occasionally have a bearing upon members of the church still striving for perfection, in particular prelates and individual believers. Horaires Ajouter les horaires d’ouverture. Canticum, inquam, quod uocatur canticorum canticum et amoris epythalamum.

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Facsimile of the first edition ofwith supplements, Amsterdam,ed. Therefore, I here present the relevant sections of the tables drawn up previously to summarize the codicological research. In his catalogue Ioli wrote:. The multifarious approach to this study of Glossa Tripartita has not only proved the tempting hypothesis concerning the relationship between the versions of Glossa Tripartita to be incorrect, it has also yielded another, very positive result, viz. The indexer proves to have had an overall picture of the text in yet another way.

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Castigo corpus meum etc. The source study has brought to light that three texts dating from the late thirteenth century contributed to the text of Glossa Tripartita to a considerable extent.

Codex is a manuscript on parchment, of leaves, in two columns. On leaves and this is obviously the case because the scribe just did not pay all that much attention to the ruling. Besides Russel’s commentary, the mariological sections contain a small number of borrowings from other texts, mostly from the hand of Bernard; sometimes we e passages from the Cantuariensis text as well.


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7irz A study of the sources used is an appropriate way of doing this, for an insight into the sources used provides an insight into the character, the nature and, possibly, the origin of the text.

Having filled the manuscript up to quire VI — a sextern, as usual — he assesses the amount of space he will still need, and guesses that an extra large quire — a sexternus et dimidius — will be sufficient, but this estimate turns out to be wrong: Glossa Tripartita has a penchant for elaborateness, so characteristic of devotional texts, and is, therefore, of impressive length. Indeed, I have added this boundary in retrospect, after completing my research.

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A stilistic characteristic of both the Cantuariensis text and Glossa Tripartita is the use of color rhythmic us l9. Envoyer par SMS le lien. So far, Glossa Tripartita merely presents itself as a typically scholastic- exegetic commentary; in order to get more grip on the text, we should try to bring it out into full relief.

It is not known. In 7ia capitulo nullum inchoatur, e capitulo séptimo incipit decimum drama et ultimum, et terminatur capitulo octauo, ubi dicitur: Supra sponsa sponsum inu- itauit ad quietem contemplacionis, sed, quia presentís temporis statui labor amplius quam requies conuenit et pocius in hac uita electi christo auxiliante pijs exercentur actibus quam quiete fruantur.

Finally, we have the version only to be found in MS Utrecht,as part of the Utrecht compilation. Kirchner, Scriptura gothica libraría: On the front cover in red ink: Et haec ratio est quia sub simplicitate littere latet uarius modus intelligencie, 7jra secundum beatum Dyonisium, Angelica ierarchia, diuina dispensacione factum est, ut electis et fidelibus ueritas manifestetur, superbis uero et reprobis tanquam.

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Tom McCall Waterfront Park. This part of the text in MS Assisi has no borrowings from Cantuariensis at all, not excepting those belonging to f.


He fully realizes that the text is not yet complete, so on f. Quod autem sequitur immediate: Trois versions sont connues.

Cantuariensis is a Franciscan text, because St. Now we know that Glossa Tripartita underwent several phases of extension, perhaps the most probable assumption is that the Robertus references do indeed indicate a commentary on the Song of Songs by a certain Robertus which the author intended to incorporate in his own commentary at a later date.

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Quire signature on f. Further on it will become apparent that this theory is confirmed in every way 8ita. Riedlinger devotes quite an extensive discussion to Funiculus triplex and three related texts Collections comprenant Keller Fountain Park.

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At the end of this discussion of the sources of Glossa Tripartita, clarity may be served by summing up the results of the source study. One was a public library, the other a library with books reserved for prelatis. It is a further subdivision, so to speak, within quires I through VIII, which does not alter the fact that in many respects these quires form a codicological unit.

Codicological research did not yield a definite answer to the question of what is meant by the name Robertus, frequently occurring in the margin.

They are found on the first and last leaf bottom centre of each quire except for f.